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Spokane in Bloom

Spokane in Bloom 

Annual Citywide Garden Tour
Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 10am-5pm 
Tickets are $10 a person and will be available at the beginning of June at any of the gardens the day of the tour or may be purchased ahead of time at Blue Moon Garden, Gibson's, Judy's Enchanted Garden, NW Seeds, and Tower Perennials.   . 

Spokane in Bloom Garden Tour 2018 TICKET 

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Nine Mile Falls Gardens

Dance Among the Flowers - 13315 W Meadowview Ln

My house is located on over 3 acres. Most of the garden is in front of the house and the backyard overlooks Lake Spokane. I started gardening here 21 years ago. Also joined TIEG then to help me for I had never gardened before. I try to create stylish outdoor rooms with color themes, cottage style plantings, and  decorating each with seating, garden art, flea market finds with lots of patina, collectibles, and always plenty of birdhouses. The front garden is mostly white and blue. An island garden with 75 plus roses, peonies, hibiscus, and trees surrounded by box edged in rocks. The drive is lined with 17 blue spruces with 5 magnolia and 4 ginkgo trees edged in rock. Lots of pots are placed throughout the yard. There is a border with a few trees and shrubs, viburnum,   peonies, weigela, perennials that have the most wonderful fall color. Most recent project is a wildflower meadow for the birds, bees, and butterflies. I garden for the serenity, sanity, and joy of being out in nature.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - 6178 Moriah Dr

Lavender Lady Farm started out on a brand new piece of property in 2005, which we did not know was   destined to be a lavender farm. We started out with a few lavender plants and now grow 7 varieties and over 1,300 plants we use to make our lavender oils and products we sell. I’ve always loved gardening but lived in Northern California where the summers were short and winters cold and long, that’s where the love of lavender came in, because it would grow easy there. So instead of a typical white plastic fencing the neighbors had, we planted 65 Donald Wyman Lilacs as our hedge in the back and filled in the middle with secret gardens to sit and relax under cherry and apple trees. We grow David Austin roses in the Victorian rose garden where we built a large gazebo to sit and relax and smell the roses. We grow all our herbs we use in our products like bee balm, cat mint, spearmint, peppermint, echinacea, basil, oregano, chamomile, and this spring a new bee and butterfly garden is going behind our new barn where my new little shoppe is there so you can come and purchase our lavender products right on the farm then go out and sit in the garden and sip a glass of our famous lavender lemonade we make here, and have a cup of tea in the tea gardens. We have grasses and several hostas, peonies, and mixed flower beds. We also grow seedless grapes and thornless blackberries. We have several trees like flowering crab apple, maples, and cherry trees. We also have two bee hives where we are blessed to bottle up real lavender honey. 

Celebrate the Little Things - 17310 N West Shore Rd

We purchased our 3/4 acre lot on Lake Spokane in 2005 and started building in 2006. I didn’t have a chance to start landscaping until 2008. Starting out with a blank slate can be challenging. I had already landscaped our previous home that was three lots away, so I was able to dig up all of the perennial plants and move them to the new yard, two-wheel barrels full a day for about two months. I have volunteered for the friends of Manito for over 15 years and find it hard to resist the abundance of new varieties that we have every year. My style of gardening can be considered a collector. With the exception of over 25 different peonies and daylilies. I only have a few of the same species, and that is usually by mistake. I love yard art and have found a whimsical yet practical way to use it to display or enhance many of the plants in the yard. Also, my one of a kind garden shed, sided totally out of used fencing acquired from throughout the city lets my creativity shine through. I try to nurture nature and recycle reuse and re-purpose. My yard attracts all kinds of wildlife, including deer and water fowl that I am in constant battle with. Close to my beehive, I have a drought tolerant area. That includes Russian sage and agastache. In my raised bed garden area, I have truly found my passion for growing pumpkins. Spending time outside in my yard is my “Zen time”.

*Eat, Drink, & Be Merry - 17420 N West Shore Rd 

A wonderful property with lots of variety of shrubs, bushes, and trees. Gorgeous view of Lake Spokane and the surrounding area. The lakeside islands of plantings ringed by 300 red and white impatiens. Many hostas are nestled in the calm, shaded areas. An ancient wheelbarrow and an old nutting truck are full of pots of colorful annuals and add lots of whimsy. There is an interesting “dirt” mine and dry creek beds. The highlight is the Secret Garden area with greenhouse. This garden is a great place to sit back and relax and enjoy entertaining. Welcome to our own little slice of paradise. 

Let’s Get This Party Started - 12405 N Nine Mile Rd 

We are all about nature and the awesome river views. Not only is every season different, every day is different. One day, we woke up to a pair of beautiful white swans on the river. Another day, we awoke to find a huge bull moose wading along the river's edge. We are always anxious to see what gift the river has brought us today. We appreciate the opportunity to share our little slice of paradise with you. Types of plants: Mostly easy care shrubs, hardy perennials, and annuals that exuberantly reseed themselves. The Spokane River looks more like a lake here. It is very wide as it spreads out above Nine Mile Dam, and is extremely shallow on our side (the deep channel is on the far side). The shallowness causes many aquatic plants to grow which in turn attracts Canada geese and dabbling ducks, often seen feeding with their bills down and their tails in the air. We are told that our sandy beach exists because the original owner dredged the river and kept dumping sand at the river’s edge until he was told to stop. A local moose family helps with trimming and is especially fond of young willow shoots. Bald eagles in winter and osprey and king fishers in summer like to perch in the tall fir tree near the river to fish.

Turn up the Volume - 12205 N Nine Mile Rd

We call our 4 acre property “The Riverhouse” since we are lucky enough to live on the banks of the Spokane River, just across from Riverside State Park. Our property features 200 apple trees of many varieties that front onto the highway to the east. The hillside that fronts the river on the west side off our land runs for several hundred yards and is covered with terraced beds containing flowering trees and        perennials. Stands of mature ponderosa pines and willows line the shore around our home. We call a lawn area adjacent to the river our “secret garden” because it has a magical fairy quality to it with two play houses on stilts in the shallow inlet. To the north, there is a grove of lilac bushes on the hillside below the house. The yard area around the house is mostly planted with mature blue spruce. On the bluff overlooking the water to the south are vegetable and berry gardens. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Life is One Big Party - 8625 N Seigle Ct

Our garden focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of Spokane’s tall pines. Two man made water features bring the sound of the river to our outdoor living spaces. Deer and moose resistant plants are low maintenance and provide some flowering color throughout the summer. The primary focus of the landscape is the natural flow of the driveway and old growth pines with a boulder terrace and natural river rock highlighting the water features. There are many interesting plant features. Our house displays signature designs by architect, John Salor. The house has a modern floor plan with lots of windows bringing the outdoors in. This garden is a most welcoming place. 

Bonus Stop - Judy’s Enchanted Garden - 2628 W Northwest Blvd

Where you can find unique perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, garden art, gifts, and enter to win a $100 gift card! 

Garden-related Vendors, Artists, Music

*Barbecue Lunch Buffet from O’Doherty’s BBQ at an additional cost

Presented by The Inland Empire Gardeners - 509-535-8434 -


Spokane in Bloom Garden Tour is a single day self-guided event, showcasing outstanding gardens in the Spokane area. It is one of the premier gardening tours in the Inland Northwest area.

The locations of the gardens and a map are provided in the ticket/program. Look for directional signs.

The tour is run completely by volunteers. Proceeds are donated to garden programs and charity organizations in the local area.

The tour is in its 18th year, started by The Inland Empire Gardeners, a not-for-profit 501(c)(7) organization.

The tour is held annually the 3rd Saturday in June. To suggest a garden for a future Spokane in Bloom, please call 509-535-8434 or email

Garden Selection Committee: Chris Sheppard, Della Meyer, Trish Van Leuven

Email us if you have a suggestion for how we can improve the

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

The Spokane in Bloom is sponsored by The Inland Empire Gardeners, an all-volunteer, nonprofit group established in 1994.

How Many Gardens Are on the Tour?

Each year, the garden tour board selects 4 to 6 of Spokane's finest gardens representing a variety of styles, sizes, and design concepts. Our tour is highly regarded for the quality and diversity of the gardens it showcases. Over the years, more than 50 private gardens have been opened to the public for the tour and many of the owners have also continued to participate by serving as volunteers in various roles.

How Many People Attend the Tour?

The number of tickets, each of which is numbered and controlled, is limited to 1,000. We make every effort to make this a thoroughly enjoyable and safe event for both the garden owners and the tour patrons. We station our trained volunteers at each garden to direct parking, control access, manage traffic flow, and provide information. Areas off limits to the tour for safety and/or privacy reasons are clearly indicated.

I received my program but where is my ticket?
ANSWER: Your program is your ticket to the Spokane in Bloom Garden Tour.

Are children allowed? Are children admitted free?
ANSWER: It is our policy that children are welcome to come to the garden tour, under the age of 12 is free. Over 12 each must have a paid ticket. The tour is not recommended for children under 5. Infants carried on a front pack or back pack are permitted free. No strollers are allowed.

Is the tour handicap accessible?
ANSWER: The tour is not handicap accessible. Walkers and wheelchairs are not advised. Many of the garden paths are made up of gravel and rock making it difficult to maneuver walkers and wheelchairs. Some gardens may have stairs and a slope to them.

How many gardens are on the 2018 tour?
ANSWER: 7 unique, wonderful creations

Where are the gardens?
ANSWER: The locations of the gardens and a map are provided in the ticket/program as well as directions.

Do you offer senior discounts?
ANSWER: There are no senior discounts offered. Your ticket does include the tour of the gardens.  

Don't miss Spokane when it's Blooming!

Get your garden featured in next Bloom tour!

Calling all gardening enthusiasts: The Inland Empire Gardeners is seeking private gardens to feature in future Spokane in Bloom Garden Tours. In 2019 we plan to be on Spokane's southside on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

The tour isn’t a garden competition but an event in which to share the beauty of local gardens.

Gardens can be formal or informal, big or small. Plant combinations can be designed by you, nature or a professional landscaper.

Does your garden have a nice water feature, lots of growing vegetables, a cozy patio surrounded by native plants or a nice view?

Maybe an outdoor kitchen might be what makes your space come alive. Or maybe you’ve always preferred a peaceful retreat in your yard.

Is yours an English cottage garden, a butterfly garden or simply tall trees with hostas in the shade? The possibilities are endless.

The club will be previewing gardens in and around Spokane a year before the event in search of ones to feature.

Why so early? Selecting tour locations a year before allows time for local gardeners to be inspired by the gardens in which they are showcased.

If you’d like your garden featured, call 509-535-8434 or email

Gardens of Spokane in Bloom 2018

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