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Spokane in Bloom

Spokane in Bloom - Annual Citywide Garden Tour

How Green is my Valley!

The Inland Empire Gardeners presents our 14th annual Spokane in Bloom Garden Tour to be held in the valley on Saturday, June 21, 2014.  Ticket Price is $12. 

The Gardens 

Wabi Sabi - 1719 S Pines Rd

Peaceful Pines - 12510 E 21st Ave

Harmonic Hillside - 3915 S Pines Rd, Spokane Valley - mini bus to garden with limited access - park Horizon Middle School parking lot - bus will run in a continuously loop, last stop 4pm              

Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave 

The Exotic Sun Garden - 520 N Glenn Rd

Calm Still Waters - 8218 E Maringo Dr

Quiet Meadows Garden - 17912 E Mission Ave

Tranquil Mist Garden - 3510 N Malvern Rd 

Garden-related vendors, musicians, artists, and O'Doherty's BBQ for a fabulous lunch available at the Scott Park Place Garden at an additional cost.   

Garden Tour Tickets $12 available at the gardens (except Harmonic Hillside) on tour day or NOW at Blue Moon, Gibson's, Greenthumb, Judy's Enchanted Garden, NW Seed's, Ritter's, and Tower Perennials.

Purchase Your Spokane in Bloom 2014 Tour Ticket Using PayPal                We will mail your ticket directly to you!


SPOKANE IN BLOOM 2014 Garden Tour

How Green is my Valley

June 21, 2014 - 10am-5pm

Written directions and map to gardens on tour ticket.Look for directional signs.

Garden Vendors, Music, Art, $100 Gift Card Drawing from Wabi Sabi! Barbeque Lunch Buffet available from O’Doherty’s at an additional cost at the Scott Park Place, 13710 E 42nd Ave. 

Presented by The Inland Empire Gardeners -


Lunch is being served at Scott Park Place, 13710 E 42nd Ave by O’Doherty’s BBQ - Enjoy delicious applewood smoked turkey, pulled pork, or beef with cold sides of potato, pasta, peanut slaw, and Caesar salad. Cost is $11 including taxes. Beverages available at an additional cost including wine/beer. 

Also look out for Mickledean’s ice cream cart at the Scott Park Place!

Faith's Coffee truck at Quiet Meadows Garden, 17912 E Mission Ave. 


2014 Spokane in Bloom Vendors

Backtrack - The Exotic Sun Garden - 520 N Glenn Rd

Recycled Material Bird Feeders

Backyard Art - Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave

Garden Art                                

Ever Blooming Yard Art - Peaceful Pines, 12510 E 21st Ave

Colored Glass Flowers, tables, birdbaths

Clementine’s Nursery - The Exotic Sun Garden - 520 N Glenn Rd

Plants, Perennials, Hosta, Shrubs

Faith's Coffee - Quiet Meadows Garden - 17912 E Mission Ave

Gem Dandy Jewelry - Calm Still Waters Garden, 8218 E Maringo Dr


Hollis Yard Art - Quiet Meadows Garden - 17912 E Mission Ave

Metal Art

Maggie’s Garden - Tranquil Mist Garden - 3510 N Malvern Rd    


Mickledean’s Ice Cream - Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave

Morando Sculptures - Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave

Concrete Statues

Necessities by L - Peaceful Pines, 12510 E 21st Ave

Handcrafted Items

Northland Rosarium - Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave

Rose Plants

O'Doherty's Irish Pub & BBQ Cater Co. - Lunch at an additional cost - Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave

PPD Enterprises - Harmonic Hillside - 3915 S Pines Rd    

Garden art, Bird bath/feeders, Gazing balls, Planters

Ruseler's Custom Creations - Calm Still Waters Garden, 8218 E Maringo Dr

Handy Sharp tool & knife sharpeners, pruners, loppers, kitchen knives, scissors, pocket knives, etc.

Two Old Fossils in Concrete - Quiet Meadows Garden - 17912 E Mission Ave

Garden Décor

Uniquely Designed Treasures - Calm Still Waters Garden,

Yard Art, Metal, Flower Plates, Totems

Vicki’s Garden Center - Quiet Meadows Garden - 17912 E Mission Ave and Peaceful Pines Garden - 2100 S Inland Empire Way


Wandering Willow -  Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave

Willow Trellis, Furniture

Whispering Wood LLC - Quiet Meadows Garden - 17912 E Mission Ave

Cedar Trellises, Planting Boxes, Bird/Squirrel Feeders

2014 Spokane in Bloom Artists

DeeDee Ames - Photo cards, Plate Art - Calm Still Waters - 8218 E Maringo Dr

Gregg Perrenoud - Paintings - Tranquil Mist Garden - 3510 N Malvern Rd          

Jennifer Batey Studio - The Exotic Sun Garden - 520 N Glenn Rd

Karol Starzel - Brown Booger Creations - Harmonic Hillside, 3915 S Pines Rd

Mary Lee Rozelle - flower/farm fine art pictures, cards - Quiet Meadows Garden-17912 E Mission Ave

Rik Nelson - Bottlecap Art - Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave

Type Craft Shelley Van - Peaceful Pines, 12510 E 21st Ave

2014 Spokane in Bloom Musicians

Calm Still Waters - 8218 E Maringo Dr

10am-noon - Brad Keeler - Blues

12:30-2:30pm - Sound Travel - Stephen & Carol Talley - Guitar Easy Listening Favorites

3-5pm - Allen Surdez - Singer/Songwriter Original Tunes

Tranquil Mist Garden - 3510 N Malvern Rd 

10am-noon - Tommy Kamaka’O Pono Borges - Hawaiian Easy

12:30-2:30pm - Todd Milne - Bamboo Flute

Quiet Meadows Garden - 17912 E Mission Ave

10am-noon - Robert Varney - Guitar

12:30-2:30pm - Crab Creek Wranglers - Milt Asher - Country & Western Favorites   

3-5pm - Ethan Smith - Fiddler

The Exotic Sun Garden - 520 N Glenn Rd

10am-noon - Steven King - Guitar Favorites

12:30-2:30pm - Sondahl & Hawkins - Brad Sondahl - Blues  

3-5pm - Carli Osika - Country, Pop, Rock, Alternative Music 

Harmonic Hillside - 3915 S Pines Rd

12:30-2:30pm - Karrie O'Neil - Singer/Songwriter

3-5pm - Eugene Jablonsky - Jazz

Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave

noon-2:30pm - Mike Greenwood - Singer, Entertainer, Tribute Artist  

3-5pm - Steven King - Guitar Favorites




Wabi Sabi - Dave & Sue Daniel - 1719 S Pines Rd, Spk Vly

                                                                                                          A Garden of Dancing Shadows. Serenity. Beauty. Tranquility. We offer the best selection of Japanese Maples, Hosta, Bonsai, Sculpted Pines, Stone Lanterns and Bamboo products. *Enter here to win a $100 gift certificate to Wabi Sabi!  

Peaceful Pines - Nick & Shelley Van - 12510 E 21st Ave, Spk Vly

                                                                                            Towering Ponderosa Pines are the backdrop for a tiered lawn with walled off areas including a rose garden and several Japanese maples, and a plum and cherry tree. A vined arch gives shade to a rock bench for peaceful contemplation, and behind it, a composting area is hidden behind several rhododendrons. The yard features a gated vegetable garden with arbor which is attractive and keeps unwanted animal visitors out. We hope you enjoy our garden as much as we enjoyed making it. 

*Harmonic Hillside - Karol & Todd Starzel- 3915 S Pines Rd, Spk Vly - *park at Horizon  Middle School front lot, mini-bus to garden every 1/2 hour until 4pm - no tour tickets available at this garden

A lovely Victoria home surrounded by a garden amongst the Ponderosa Pines. We have planted over 100 trees which includes some unusual varieties: Deodara Cedar, Golden Larch, Paw Paw, several Beech varieties, Ironwood, Parrotia, Japanese Snowbell, Dawn Redwood, two Giant Sequia in honor of the Twin Towers just to name a few. The chicken coop was made from left over materials from the house. Todd also built the rabbit hutch. Karol has added her own welded art to the garden. We have themes for the beds which help decide which plants go where. The "Bruise Bed" consists of black and blue plants (like a bruise). The "Sex Ed Bed" is all about the birds and the bees! Planted there are bushes that bare fruit like Aronia, Ribes and Sambucus also fruit baring trees like Prunus and Sorbus. There is a yellow bed and the "Secret Garden" consists mostly of white plants. The perennial bed also includes trees and bushes all in a mixture of bright colors. Colored pots and bowling balls add interest along with other welded critters. We are happy to say our garden it one of our favorite places to be and we enjoy sharing it with you. 

Scott Park Place - David & Jane Scott - 13710 E 42nd Ave, Spk
Sitting on 2/3 of an acre in Spokane Valley, Scott Park Place, as we like to call it, was built in 1990. Many changes have occurred with this yard throughout the years such as going from plastic to concrete edging, from bark to red rock in the beds, from a mainly grass yard to many flower beds, and much more. Dual streams flows down from the top into a 1,200 gallon pond--no fish, but plenty of beautiful flowers and plants surrounding the pond. There are 2 patios with brick pavers, one of which sits and the end of the pond.  There is an outdoor kitchen under the gazebo on this patio. We can sit and relax with the sounds of our favorite music artist with the outdoor speakers on the main patio by the house. The front two-thirds of the backyard is landscaped and a garden can be found in the back one-third. There is a horseshoe pit, a compost pit, and a plum and apple tree in the garden area. The front yard has a beautiful water fountain to enjoy when you arrive. We call it Scott Park Place because there is a lot of grass that has to be mowed, but Dave loves doing that.

Sleepy Lazy Hollow - Michael & Jennifer Gilbert - 520 N Glenn Rd, Spk 

As the road curves around, this garden pulls you over. Starting with its lush corner of perennials, and tall grasses like Arondo Donax and Erianthus Ravannae. Here a crabapple tree towers over the gardeners latest endeavors of creating a waterwise garden, with drought tolerant cactus, yuccas, and succulents. Across the driveway is another bed anchored by a Weeping Norway Spruce. This bed is packed with all sorts of evergreens, grasses, and flowering perennials, providing a buffet for bees and hummingbirds. At home along the front of the house are many container pots, full of annuals like cannas, geraniums, and trailing potato vines. The strip leading to the front door has a shaped juniper tree flanked by roses and sedum and you will discover a thriving forest of hostas, heuchera, and ligularia. On your way to the back garden, hugging the home’s brick façade, are  espaliered apple trees. To the left of the gate they have packed this sunny bed with more  perennials, hydrangeas, roses, goats beard, and ground covering sedum. Our family enjoys gathering under the covered patio that has been extended into the yard with stone pavers that lead to a fire pit. A large thundercloud plum tree commands the view. Skirting the patio, a Weeping White Pine leans over variegated petasites, a peony tree, a rare blue poppy, and a Windmill palm tree; that compels you to look for all the other tropical plants in this garden! Look closely and you’ll find the Empress of China which grows 15 feet every summer! Also, there are two types of hardy bamboo, and a gunnera manicata. Another sign of our gardener’s passion is a mural Jennifer painted on the side of their multi-use shed. And not to be forgotten, are the raised beds were we grow our favorite veggies.

*Calm Still Waters - Ann & Gary Edwards - 8218 E Maringo Dr, Spk - park in field across the street, no parking access by house, walk to garden down by Spokane River  

For two years, our home and yard has been a construction (disaster) zone. During this time, we have built a large barn with a classroom and kitchen plus an attached greenhouse and nearby chicken coop with paddocks, a multiple tiered vegetable and flower garden, raised planters, a compost system, a sturdy grape arbor, and an addition between the main house and the garage reminiscent of an old west general store. Of course, one cannot miss the chicken garden. The property had an established but overgrown garden of big bushes and weeds when we moved in, and extensive re-working of the beds and garden areas had to be done. Many of the newer plantings are perennials and native plants that grow along rivers, especially along the path (east side of house) to the Spokane River. The three tiers across the back of the house that lead to the river are home to edibles such as blueberry bushes, strawberries, onions, cabbages, and soon to be asparagus beds. There is a beautiful waterfall along the west side of the house that cascades into a quiet pool and leads to the river stairway. Along the driveway leading to the house are many wildflowers, vines, perennials, iris, and butterfly bushes which display vibrant color from spring to fall. This spring, our 8-year- old granddaughter is researching each type of gardening project we are doing and writing reports and drawing pictures. She will display her reports outside during the garden tour for visitors to read as they walk from place to place. The garden, greenhouse, and chickens have become an enjoyable and exceptional educational experience for all. In the words of our granddaughter,“Nana, I’d rather be at your house than anywhere else!”

Quiet Meadows Garden - Barb & Don Cagle - 17912 E Mission Ave - Spk Vly

As life is a journey, so is our garden. The paths meander and highlight some of the most significant and memorable places, people and times of our lives. Our quiet meadows give a snap shot of the valleys, bumps and hills we have encountered along the path of life. The  individual gardens depict our experiences in Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, weddings, new life and loved ones passed. We started the gardens in 2003, the year after moving to Spokane from Fairbanks, Alaska. Starting with a clean slate, there were only 3 trees on our one acre of property. We were thrilled with all the plant life available here and how easy it was to grow. We started planting in one corner of the yard where our sister asked if she could have her wedding. Over the years and before we knew it, we had created over a dozen different gardens, all with their own themes.  Gardening for us is about creating new life and keeping our memories alive. We wonder our paths enjoying the beauty and wonders of life and every path always brings back home.

Tranquil Mist Garden - Gregg Perrenoud & Linda Bruseth - 3510 N Malvern Rd - Otis Orchards

Our garden is an assortment of unusual shaped bonsai/topiary plant material. There are walking paths with 2 large sitting areas. There is 150 feet of a two level bonsai bench with outdoor plants suitable to our summer/winter weather. Garden art and sculptures can be found throughout the garden. Some of Gregg’s original art pieces will be on display for sale along with selected bonsai. The garden is surrounded by food boxes, squash patch, grass garden, fruit trees, berries and grapes. We created our “Tranquil Mist Garden” to have a beautiful place to be, to think, dream, talk. We would be most pleased to share it with you.

Gardens Can Be Visited In Any Order


Wabi Sabi - 1719 S Pines Rd, Spokane Valley - Starting out - Eastbound or Westbound  I-90 Freeway, Pines exit #289. Go 2 miles south on WA-27 S Pines Rd. Slight right onto S Pines Rd. Garden on the left--1719 S Pines Rd. 

Peaceful Pines - 12510 E 21st Ave, Spokane Valley - Head south on S Pines Rd. Take the 3rd left onto E 20th Ave. Turn right onto S Cherry Rd. S Cherry Rd turns left and becomes E 21st Ave. Garden on the right--12510 E 21st Ave.

*Harmonic Hillside - 3915 S Pines Rd, Spokane Valley - park at Horizon Middle School front lot, mini-bus to garden every 1/2 hour until 4pm - From 21st Ave turn left onto Guthrie Dr. Turn left onto S Pines Rd. School parking lot is on the left--3915 S Pines Rd--*park at Horizon Middle School front lot, mini bus will run in a continuous loop back and forth from garden to pick up point--last trip up to garden is 4pm. 

Scott Park Place - 13710 E 42nd Ave - Head northwest on S Pines Rd. Take right onto E 32nd Ave. Turn right onto WA-27 S. Turn left onto E Belle Terre Ave. Take the 1st right onto S Evergreen Rd. Take the 2nd right onto E 42nd Ave.  Garden on the left-­-13710 E 42nd Ave. Lunch is available at this garden.

The Exotic Sun Garden - 520 N Glenn Rd, Spokane - Head east on E 42nd Ave. Turn left onto S Evergreen Rd. Turn left onto E Belle Terre Ave. Turn right onto WA-27 N, go 2.8 miles. Take left onto 16th Ave. Take right onto N Bowdish Rd. Take the 2nd left onto E Alki Ave. Turn left onto N Glenn Rd. Garden on the left--520 N Glenn Rd.

*Calm Still Waters - 8218 E Maringo Dr, Spokane - Head north on N Glenn Rd. Turn left onto E Alki Ave. E Alki Ave turns slightly right and becomes N Glenn Rd. Turn left onto E Broadway Ave. Turn right onto N Mullan Rd. Continue 1.2 miles onto N Argonne Rd. Turn left onto E Maringo Dr. Garden on left--8218 E Maringo Dr--* park in field across the street--no parking access by house--walk to garden down by river.

Quiet Meadows Garden - 17912 E Mission Ave - Spokane Valley - Head east on E Maringo Dr. Take right onto N Argonne Rd. Take left onto CDA/I-90 East. Take Exit 293 Barker Rd. Turn left onto N Barker Rd. Turn left onto E Mission Ave. Park alongside road but be careful on heavily travelled road. Garden on the left--17912 E Mission Ave. 

Tranquil Mist Garden - 3510 N Malvern Rd - Otis Orchards - Head east on E Mission Ave, go 2.5 miles. At the traffic circle bear left and take the 2nd exit onto N Harvard Rd. Turn right onto E Euclid Ave, 1.3 mile. Continue onto E River Rd. Turn left onto N Malvern Rd. Garden on the right--3510 N Malvern Rd.

Please Watch Your Step




Scheduled for June 20, 2015 on Spokane’s Southhill. If you have a tour-worthy garden or know someone that does, please give us a call at 535-8434 or email Thanks!


Suggest a Garden

Do you or your Spokane neighbor have a beautiful garden you/they would like to share?  Please tell us about it so that we can consider you for a future Spokane in Bloom Garden Tour -
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