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Spokane in Bloom

Spokane in Bloom - Annual Citywide Garden Tour
Saturday, June 20, 2015 - 10am-5pm 

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall--All You Got to Do is Call You've Got a Friend

The Inland Empire Gardeners presents our 15th annual Spokane in Bloom Garden Tour to be held in the southside on Saturday, June 20, 2015.  Ticket Price is $10. 

The Gardens 

Sheltering Trees Garden - 523 W 18th Ave

Seasons in the Sun Garden - 1028 E 33rd Ave

Soulmates Forever Garden - 1216 E 54th Ave

Garden of Earthly Delights - 2717 E 40th Ave

Kindred Spirits Garden - 3620 E 35th Ave

Rhapsody in Green Garden - 1110 S Denny Ct

Bonus Stop - Tower Perennials - 4010 E Jamieson Rd- Enter here to win a $100 gift card

Garden-related vendors, artists, O'Doherty's BBQ for a fabulous lunch available at the Garden of Earthly Delights at an additional cost.   

Garden Tour Tickets $10 available at the gardens on tour day or NOW at Blue Moon, Gibson's, Greenthumb, Judy's Enchanted Garden, NW Seed's, Ritter's, and Tower Perennials 

Purchase Your Spokane in Bloom 2015 Tour Ticket Using PayPal                We will mail your ticket directly to you!


SPOKANE IN BLOOM 2015 Garden Tour

You've Got a Friend
June 20, 2015 - 10am-5pm

Written directions and map to gardens on tour ticket.                                   Look for directional signs. Directions_and_Map_Bloom_2015.pdf
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Garden Vendors, Music, Art, $100 Gift Card Drawing from Tower Perennials! Barbeque Lunch Buffet available from O’Doherty’s at an additional cost at Garden of Earthly Delights - 2717 E 40th Ave
Presented by The Inland Empire Gardeners -


Lunch is being served at the Garden of Earthly Delights - 2717 E 40th Ave
by O’Doherty’s BBQ -
Enjoy delicious applewood smoked turkey, pulled pork, or beef with cold sides of potato, pasta, peanut slaw, and Caesar salad. Cost is $11 including taxes. Beverages available at an additional cost including wine/beer. 

Also look out for Mickledean’s ice cream cart
Local Author Pat Munts and her NW Garden Handbook

Garden Artists
Peggy Best - Mural Artist
Denny Carman - Oil Paintings
Christina Deubel - Paintings
Judy Minter - French Laundry
Alice Nelson - Nature Crafts
Rik Nelson - Bottlecap Art
Mary Lee Rozell - Flower & Farm related Art
Dan Wallat - Landscape Paintings

Garden Vendors
Backtrack - Bird Feeders
Backyard Art - Garden Art
Basket Cases - Garden Decor
Clementine-s Nursery - Garden Plants
Gem Dandy Jewelry - Jewelry
Hollis Yard Art - Metal Art
Maggie's Garden - Plants
Morando Sculptures - Concrete Creations
Northland Rosarium - Roses
PPD Enterprises - Garden Art
Uniquely Designed Treasures - Yard Art
Vicki's Garden Center - Plants  
Wabi Sabi - Plants
Wandering Willow- Trellis, Furniture
Whispering Wood - Wood Art    



Sheltering Trees Garden  

523 W 18th Ave

 My garden has evolved around a 1921 bungalow with a tiny yard. The first year, the backyard was bulldozed and a small garage erected, with pergolas and flagstone walkway. Planted with peonies, clematis, lilac tree, and small evergreens, espaliered fruit trees, vineyard, iris, evergreens, and Japanese-type garden with bamboo water feature. The most stunning feature is the purple clematis which totally dominates when in bloom! Since I am a Feng Shui consultant and enthusiastic gardener, I have used many principles and elements of that art to direct and enhance the designs, locations, and harmony in my limited space with the goal of creating a peaceful and pleasant refuge to enjoy in all seasons. 


Seasons in the Sun Garden
1028 E 33rd Ave

Welcome to my garden, a passion of mine I am happy to share with you. Contained within the context of a mixed border are many different growing niches from rock and alpine garden areas to perennial shade and sun planting areas. There are many uncommon and unique plants as well as  common plants happily comingling to complete the garden’s tapestry. Native and not, large and small in this garden you can almost find it all. Please feel free to explore and take away ideas for your own garden. 


Soulmates Forever Garden

1216 E 54th Ave

Our garden is an example of an evolving--never ending project. It's rarely the same as last year. A source of constant surprise. We started years ago with 52 very large pine trees as our backyard. No sun, no grass, very like a forest floor. We cut down the trees so we could have lawn and flowers. We kept adding more flower beds until it looked much like it does now. Every year, some things are different, some are the same. We love lots of color. Color in the sunny spaces, and when possible, color in the shady spaces. A few structures, like our wishing well, and deck pergola add balance and variety. We think gardeners are examples of eternal optimists. We try to outsmart and improve on Mother Nature--but she usually wins. And we keep trying. Year after year.

Garden of Earthly Delights
2717 E 40th Ave

We often say our garden is our friend--a work in progress. When we purchased our home in the winter of 1998, it was all  lawn and flat. Over the years, we’ve changed our plans often. Trees and mature plants have inexplicably died, areas planted in sun-loving plants have become shaded. We have planted ground covers, Japanese maples, shrubs, Alpine Fir, Weeping Cedar, a Contorted Filbert, hosta. The northeast side of the yard is our snack area. We have blueberry bushes, tomato plants, grape and blackberry vines, raspberries, strawberries, red currant, apple trees, cherry tree, and espaliered pear trees. The vegetable garden has beans, peas, greens, squash, and carrots. We believe in the concept of getting something back for our labor, providing edible, nutritious items for our table. We have sprinkled in flowers to keep it pretty. We like to walk through our yard so there are pathways taking you to every corner. See if you can guess what our recycled red paver pathway is made of. We hope you enjoy our yard as much as we do, but keep in mind it is a friend in progress so we are open to ideas, criticisms, and advice. *Lunch available at this garden for an additional price

Bonus Stop - Tower Perennials

4010 E Jamieson Rd

Tower Perennial Gardens offers the region’s largest selection of hardy  perennials as well as exciting annuals, shrubs and hedges, trees, evergreens, grasses and bamboo, vegetables and herbs, and freeze proof  pottery.  In addition to their fabulous plants, they offer expert Landscape Design, Garden Rescue and Garden Installation services. Don’t forget to walk through their incredible display gardens showcasing four season interest. Enter to win $100 gift card here!

Kindred Spirits Garden

3620 E 35th Ave

Our home is located on 5 lots wooded with Ponderosa Pine. Ornamental plants in the yard are shade varieties such as hydrangea, hosta, lamium, heuchera, ornamental grasses, and low growing evergreens. On east side is the “Park” which features an open area of lawn with beds containing partial to full shade plants. The fence is lined with serviceberry and boxwood. South is a raised bed vegetable garden and vegetables grown in containers. A falls with a small pond is the main feature of the backyard. Plants featured include heuchera, wild ginger, astilibe, and Japanese forest grass. A perennial garden which borders the sunroom of the house gets the most sun in the back. Gizaun Art is featured on the fence. The west side is a more naturalized area with an   original flowering lawn alternative. Fleur de Lawn is very drought tolerant and stays green with little care. The nitrogen fixating clover naturally self-feeds the lawn and the low growing flowers give it beautiful blooming color. A dry stream bed flows westward into a “bog” featured in the street side of the house. This half of the parking strip features ornamental grasses--Karl Foester and blue fescue. Lots of eye candy.

Rhapsody in Green Garden

 1110 S Denny Ct

In February 2005, I traveled to Spokane to see what it was like in the winter, and bought the house  I was NOT looking for. In June 2005, I retired and moved from Santa Rosa, CA to Spokane and I have never looked back. Gardening was not on my mind, however a large yard for my cherished Golden Retriever was. As the summer passed and I traveled around Spokane's South Hill enjoying the beautiful gardens that abound here, I began to envision what my yard might look like if a garden was in the works. Please note, I was not a gardener and never aspired to be one. Until I moved to Spokane, I was way too busy to dig in the ground. I purchased my first fruit and veggies plants from the local super market. Well, one thing led to another, the first being the 50 year old juniper hedge across most of the back yard. Too many places for wild animals to hide. Out it came! Wow all that space! Better plant something. Flowers, beans, tomatoes. Next, pushing that lawn mower up hill was way too hard. How about terracing instead. Thus it began.          A garden to call my own. Rocks came from various places, some for free some not. More yards of soil than I can recall. Janis Saiki from The Friends of Manito came to add her ideas. Plants came and went.

Gardens Can Be Visited In Any Order

Please Watch Your Step



Scheduled for June 18, 2016 on Spokane’s northside. If you have a tour-worthy garden or know someone that does, please give us a call at 535-8434 or email Thanks!

Suggest a Garden

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